On Mon, 3 Sep 2001 22:01:17 -0500, you wrote:
>public boolean isWritable(int column) throws SQLException
>        if (isReadOnly(column))
>                return true;
>        else
>                return false;

The author probably intended:

    public boolean isWritable(int column) throws SQLException
        return !isReadOnly(column);

And if he would have coded it this way he wouldn't have made
this mistake :-)
>hence, isWritable() will always return false. this is something 
>of a problem :) 

Why exactly? In a way, true is just as incorrect as false, and
perhaps it should throw "not implemented". But I guess that
would be too non-backwardly-compatible.

>let me know if i can provide further information.

Will you submit a patch?

René Pijlman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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