Can someone tackles this and supply a patch?

> Would some JDBC hacker develop a patch for the following issue?  The
> change is just barely large enough that I don't want to commit untested
> code for it --- but not having a Java development environment at hand,
> I can't test the updated code.
> The problem is in (same code in both jdbc1 and
> jdbc2, looks like).  It does direct access to pg_description that isn't
> right anymore.  In getTables, instead of
>       java.sql.ResultSet dr = connection.ExecSQL("select description from 
>pg_description where objoid="+r.getInt(2));
> it should be
>       java.sql.ResultSet dr = connection.ExecSQL("select 
> In getColumns, the change is a little more involved, because
> pg_attribute doesn't have an OID column anymore.  The initial query
> can't fetch a.oid, but should fetch a.attrelid instead, and then the
> pg_description query should become
>       java.sql.ResultSet dr = connection.ExecSQL("select 
> (col_description takes the table OID and the column's attnum).
> The reason this is more than a 3-line change is that it should be done
> either the old way or the new way depending on whether server version >=
> 7.2 or not, for backwards-compatibility of the driver.
> It's possible there are other similar changes needed that I missed in a
> quick lookover.
> So, would some enterprising person fix the JDBC code to work with CVS
> tip, and submit a patch?
>               thanks, tom lane
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