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>I was wondering why it is that both PGpoint and PGcircle return a 
>"getColumnType" of 1111?
>Is 1111 an arbirtrary number for "non-JDBC-standard type"? 

Yes. This is a comment from the source

"This table holds the org.postgresql names for the types
supported. Any types that map to Types.OTHER (eg POINT) don't go
into this table. They default automatically to Types.OTHER"

>Or, could the PG extended types be differentiated somehow? 
>(e.g. 1111 and 1112)?

Have you seen this documentation already?
("8.6.2. Geometric Data Types"). 

I haven't used this feature myself, so I'm not sure if the
documentation is of any help regarding your problem.

René Pijlman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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