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> Attached is a patch that fixes DatabaseMetaDataTest in the JDBC
> driver's test suite. With previous patches applied, this reduces
> the number of failures of the test suite from 6 to 4. The patch
> fixes the test case itself, rather than the driver.
> Details:
> 1) The driver correctly provided DatabaseMetaData about the sort
> order of NULLs. This was confirmed by Peter Eisentraut on
> pgsql-hackers. I fixed the test to accept/require the current
> behaviour, and made it dependent on the backend version. See
> nullsAreSortedAtStart(), nullsAreSortedAtEnd(),
> nullsAreSortedHigh() and nullsAreSortedLow().
> 2) DatabaseMetaData.supportsOrderByUnrelated() correctly
> returned true (an ORDER BY clause can contain columns that are
> not in the SELECT clause), but the test case required false.
> Fixed that.
> 3) Replaced deprecated assert() of junit.framework.TestCase by
> assertEquals(), assertTrue() and assertNotNull(). This is
> because assert will be a new keyword in Java 1.4.
> 4) Replaced assert(message,false) by the more elegant
> fail(message).
> Regards,
> Ren? Pijlman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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