Per the recent discussion there's been some code changes in JDBC's 
DatabaseMetaData.getColumn(). I proposed a patch that would change the 
number of queries to find out all columns in a table from 2 * N + 1 to 1 (N 
being the number of columns reported) by using some outer joins. I also 
fixed the fact that getColumns() only returned columns that had a default 
defined. OTOH, I did not use to change the code required for obtaining a 
column's remarks (by using col_description() for 7.2  and requested by Tom 

Finally, I have found a way to get all the column details in a single query 
*and* use col_description() for 7.2 servers. A patch is attached. It 
overrules René Pijlman's fix for this that was committed just today, but 
still used N + 1 queries (sorry René ;-) )

I also fixed the return values for TABLE_CAT and TABLE_SCHEM from "" to 
null, to be more standard compliant (and requested in René's mail found at 

As always, the JDBC1 version has not been tested as I have no JDK 1.1 

Please review,



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