Ack!  I guess I am hitting this problem....

I had my database rebuilt to use UNICODE encoding.  Data now appears 
correctly in pgsql but not when filtered through JDBC.  Unfortunately Im 
using the open source DbConnectionBroker connection pooling object and I 
have to dig into this to apply the fix.  It is suprising to me that JDBC 
has a problem with a database using UNICODE encoding?!?  I obviously don't 
understand the internals of this stuff <grin>


At 10:06 AM 9/11/01 -0700, you wrote:
>With out more details of your setup, I can't give you a complete 
>answer.  But check out the info at:
>for a brief discussion of what I believe is your problem.  There has also 
>been a number of discussions on this on the pgsql-jdbc mail list. You 
>might also want to check the mail archives.
>Culley Harrelson wrote:
>>The was corrupted in the process of the upgrade.
>>Is there some way to tell what the configuration options were when it was 
>>installed?  I am assuming by API you mean how am I accessing Postgres?  JDBC.
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>>> > my isp recently upgraded form postgreSQL 7.0 to 7.1.  It went pretty well
>>> > but I just discovered that non-english characters are now in the database
>>> > as a question mark-- inserting non-english characters produces a ? as
>>> > well.  Any idea what has gone wrong and what we need to do to fix this?
>>>Hard to tell without knowing what the configuration option was and
>>>what kind of API you are using...
>>>Tatsuo Ishii
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