I don't think this logic should be coded into the JDBC driver.  Instead 
I think it makes much more sence to have this logic coded into the 
backend and then exposed via JDBC and the other interfaces.  I know that 
someone is working on doing the same thing in ODBC.  Having the same 
code done in two or more places is a bad idea.


Ola Sundell wrote:
> Hello,
> I have, for some time, now, been working on the updateable resultset
> class. Please have a look at http://www.miranda.org/~ola/jdbcupr.diff, and
> let me know what you think. It is only rudimentary at the moment.
> Things to consider:
> * Parsing of query. Very hackish at the moment.
> * Concurrency check.
> Things that need work:
> * Documentation
> * Inserting - nothing done as of yet.
> * The test case needs to be more elaborate.
> Ola

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