On Fri, 21 Sep 2001 17:26:20 +0200, you wrote:
>When looking at the traffic that is going in and out of my machine, I
>see many (a real lot of) times the same request. Something like:
>select typname from pg_type where oid = XXX
>where XXX is a number (23, 1184, or maybe others)
>As I use the getObject method to retrieve the different ocjects
>contained in the resultset (I can't tell whether it's going to be an
>number or a timestamp beforehand), I imagine that this select statement
>is the one that helps getObject choose the right type. But, as every row
>in the resultset will have the same column types, couldn't some caching
>accelerate everything a lot?

Looking at the source, I see signs of a caching mechanism in
org.postgresql.Connection.getSQLType(), but at first glance it
seems that this method doesn't actually add the type it
retrieves to its own cache. That could very well be the cause of
the problem.

Do you intend to fix this yourself, or are you seeking help from
this list? If so, it would be nice if you could post a small
program that reproduces the problem. Its probably very simple,
but that way we can be sure we're looking at the same problem.

>I have tried to connect to CVS, but instructions on
>did not work for me. I got:
>cvs login: authorization failed: server postgresql.org rejected access
>to /home/projects/pgsql/cvsroot for user anoncvs

The CVS system is being migrated and there are lots of posts
about it on the pgsql-hackers list. I'm not sure what the latest
status is. The latest information should be on
http://developer.postgresql.org/, but because of the recent
shutdown of Great Bridge the system is in flux.

René Pijlman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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