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I will try to apply it within the next 48 hours.

> I tried sending the email to jdbc and patches on the 17th but it didn't get 
> through. I'm attempting again..
> The attached patch is my first run-through of the JDBC test suite. A
> summary of changes:
>  . removal of the tablename property from build.xml
>  . addition of a dropTable method in JDBC2Tests and cleanups of many
> methods in the same
>  . all tests now use non-deprecated assertXYZ methods instead of the
> deprecated assert method
>  . failure in TimestampTest (testSetTimestamp) fixed. The failure is
> because testSetTimestamp was inserting a timestamp with hour 7 but
> checkTimeTest was expecting a timestamp with hour 8. AFAICS, there are
> no issues wrt daylight savings time and timestamps being pushed in and
> pulled out (but more explicit tests should be added in the future)
>  . failure in TimeTest (testGetTime) fixed. Times to be inserted were
> interpreted in the localtime zone but checking was done with the
> assumption that the insertion was done in GMT.
>  . formatting changes in a few of the source files (because I found
> it convenient to have consistent formatting while working on them). The
> formatting is consistent with the new format for java source files in
> PostgreSQL.
> Liam
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> Liam Stewart :: Red Hat Canada, Ltd. :: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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