I'm trying to use a sequence via JDBC, but I'm having a problem.

The prepared statement I'm using looks like this:

final String address_lineInsert = "insert into address_line( address_id,
address_line_id, address_line_text) values (?,?,?)";

I set the values like so:


When I do the executeUpdate on the prepared statement, I get this error:

java.sql.SQLException: ERROR:  pg_atoi: error in
"nextval('address_id_seq')": can't parse "nextval('address_id_seq')"

This makes sense to me, and I think I could get around it by locking the
table, max value and then inserting my row... but I wonder if there is a
more graceful way to use sequences in JDBC that I'm missing.

Has someone else already solved this problem? Any ideas?



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