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>The subject pretty much says it all.  I have updated the jdbc website to 
>contain more current information.  It certainly could contain more 
>information, but my primary goal was to get it current.  If you have any 
>suggestions, changes or additions please send them to the mail list.

Good work, thanks! 

Some suggestions for improvement...

- "relating to the JDBC driver" -> "relating to the JDBC driver
for <a href="http://www.postgresql.org/";>PostgreSQL</a>"

- "download pre-compiled jar files" -> "download the
pre-compiled driver in a jar file"

- "you should send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED]": perhaps
this needs an explanation for newbies that this is a volunteer
mailing list, rather than a support department. For one thing, I
guess someone who posts to the list is expected to join it first
so she will see all followups.

- I suggest to change the title of the FAQ simply to
"Documentation". It really contains the basic information one
needs to use the driver, rather than questions asked about it.

- I find http://jdbc.postgresql.org/download.html very
confusing. It would get much better if the latest stable and
recommended driver was more clearly presented at the top, and
the development and archived versions in a lookup structure

- On http://jdbc.postgresql.org/download.html I suggest to link
"Check the main site for details of obtaining the PostgreSQL
source" to http://developer.postgresql.org/

René Pijlman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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