I thought about the issue, then hacked a bit and
the result seems to be quite edible:

* spec.{jdbc1,jdbc2,jdbc2e} files which describe
  contents of different driver editions.  So main
  Makefile is very straightforward.

* make builds all source in one go, thus:

    . avoids hell when old .jar is in classpath
    . now it uses javac/jikes internal dependency trancing,
      so make does not need to know anything about project's
      internal dependencies.  For make, jar files
      depend directly on source.
    . it is faster

* driver type is researched in configure, which is the
  right place for it.

* ant.cfg in src/interfaces/jdbc, which is made with
  'make ant.cfg'.  After that the Ant is completely
  standalone.  Without ant.cfg the Ant needs to be
  called from Makefile.  Whether Ant should be completely
  dropped I do not know, ATM this seemed to be best way.

Not done:

- CORBA examples and tests does not build here, so
  those must be tested by someone else.

- Did not touch contrib/retep, IMHO it can stay as it is.

- have not tested if JDBC1 builds

- tested only with jdk1.3, jikes 1.14

Not my call:

- Whether to apply this, whether to keep Ant, this or both...

Comments?  Volunteers for testing?



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