Hi again all,
First off, I´d like to declare that my intention is not to be a pain in the B** :-)
Working on customer´s campuses equipped with laptop and a viennaSQL (a pure java sql client) i have had
the need for many different drivers for different dbmses. The effort involved getting a working jdbc driver
for the dbms at hand has varied; from extremely easy to almost impossible.
As I´m currently promoting postgreSQL as an Orcacle alternative, I have been working in parallell with both
drivers and the driver´s compliance to the api differs, which has really been a hazzle.
My questions to the people actively developing the driver is:
1. How is the driver compliance tests carried out? The test harness from sun?
2. How often is compliance tests carried out?
3. Is there a policy for those issues where postgres has limited backend support for the jdbc API functions?
4. Is there a development plan for the jdbc package, similar to that of the server itself?
lastly, while I´m at it :-)
Is there a known problem with the implementation of java.sql.Blob.getBinaryStream() implmentation?
I get the size of the blob with length() and its correct
While reading the Stream I get returncode -1 immediatly
server is 7.1.3  jdbc built on jdk 1.3 on linux. Same error appears on win2000 (using the same driver)
Per-Olof Norén
Stockholm, Sweden

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