Hi folks

I'd like to make the JDBC driver comple with JDK1.4. I've got the
following list of errors and potential remedies. Does anyone have any
objections if I start work on this?

The following are the methods defined in JDK1.4 which are not currently
implemented in the JDBC driver:

javax.transaction.RollbackException is not defined in 1.4.
-- this appears to be renamed to TransationRolledbackException

-- defines the behaviour of the current ResultSet when the next one is
retrieved. Appears that we need to simply perform appropriate operations
on the result instance field of jdbc2.Statement.

-- Presumably convert the URL to a string and set it like everything

CallableStatement.registerOutParameter(String, int)
-- There are a bunch of these actually, javac is only listing one. They
all take parameter names rather than indexes. Should be straightforward
to fix?

-- Not too sure about this. It defines the "holdability" of result sets
between commits. Need to investigate further (tips?)

-- Presumably: "return false;"

-- Presumably, "return new URL(getParameter...));"

PGblob.setBytes(long, byte[])
PGclob.setString(long, String)
-- This stuff looks harder, there are setBinaryStream() etc methods. Not
sure how to go about this at this stage. Maybe an Unsupported exception?

-- presumably, pass the call to Connection.setHoldability()?

Feedback/comments welcome.


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