I was using Postgresql V7.1.3 and driver version 7.1-1.2.

However, last night I downloaded 7.1-1.2 again and noticed that it was a few
K larger, even though it had the exact same version number. When I tested
with the "new" 7.1-1.2 (93,011 bytes vs approx 88K), executeUpdate() *did*
return the correct row count. Go figure!? So it appears to be fixed in the
newest code base.



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What version of the driver and database are you using?  I have code that
gets the update count back from executeUpdate().  So I suspect this may
be fixed in a more recent version.


Robert Dyas wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have been using the JDBC driver for a couple of months now. The only
> limitation I have run into for my own uses is that calling executeUpdate()
> does not return the number of rows effected by update or delete
statement --
> it always returns 0.
> Is this a limitation of Postgresql (i.e. the backend does not provide this
> info) or a limitation of the JDBC driver?
> If it is not a limitation of the backend, does anyone have an idea if this
> bug would be as easy to fix as it appears on the surface?
> Rob
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