Well I think we can restore the orignal functionality of getBytes so
that it returns a byte array for other objects
As long as we preserve the functionality for bytea types, and


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On Sun, Oct 28, 2001 at 07:14:42AM -0500, Dave Cramer wrote:
> It appears the getBytes was previously being used to return a byte 
> array of any arbitrary column.
> Fixes for blobs seem to have broken this. The question is as Jason 
> pointed out which do we fix.
> It doesn't seem unreasonable to be able to return a byte array for any

> arbitray column. On the other hand is this the intended use?

This is what the documentation says:

public byte[] getBytes(int columnIndex)
                throws SQLException   

          Retrieves the value of the designated column in the current
          of this ResultSet object as a byte array in the Java
          programming language. The bytes represent the raw values
          returned by the driver.

It seems to imply that it _should_ return a byte array for any arbitary
column. But as usual, it's up to us to decide. I think it's reasonable,
since we are working with byte arrays in the code anyway.

Jason Davies


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