I share your concerns about this functionality.  In fact last month I 
wrote the following in response to a patch to this functionality.

I wouldn't mind this being pulled out of the main code line for now and 
moved to contrib until it becomes more robust.

 >>Thanks for the patch.  While I didn't review it too closely, what I
 >>saw seemed fine.
 >>However, I have concerns about the feature as a whole, which really
 >>has nothing to do with your patch.
 >>I don't like the approach taken here for serialization.  It seems to
 >>me that this is a half baked attempt to reimplement native java
 >>serialization.  Why not just use java serialization to do what it was
 >>intended for?  We could then store the results of the serialization in
 >>a bytea column, or a LargeObject, or even in a separate table as is
 >>done here.  However, I am unsure of the desireabilty of creating these
 >>additional tables.  The bigest reason I don't like the additional
 >>tables is that the serialized objects don't ever get deleted.
 >>To the extent that this is documented, I think the feature should be
 >>marked as experimental with a caution that it may be changed in major
 >>non-backwardly compatible ways in the future.

There are two areas in the current code that I am uncomfortable with. 
This serialize code and the code in org/postgresql/xa.  Have you looked 
at the xa code?


Dave Cramer wrote:

> While fixing the handling of "unknown" data type in the result set I was
> faced with wading through the Serialize code.
> I am wondering if this is really a required/desireable feature?
> How many people out there are actually using it?
> Do we need/want it?
> My thoughts are:
> 1) There are plenty of persistence layers which do this job much better.
> 2) I don't think this belongs in a driver.
> 3) The code will be simpler.
> Dave

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