I am retrieveing a lot of data from a table and it results in a
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError and so I figured I need to make sure I don;t get all
the data from the database back in one go.

I have tried setting a cursorName and this does indeed only return the first
part of the data into the ResultSet. However I can not seem to find a way to
retrieve the remaining part of the data. I have tried using the following
command :-

     rs = select.getResultSet();

However there are never are never any more ResultsSets avaliable.

Am I doing something wrong or are cursors not implemented in this version of the
JDBC drivers (jdbc7.1-1.2.jar)?

An obvious bodge for me (as the data in the database is not changing on a
regular basis) is to use LIMIT in the SELECT command, however I would rather do
it a nicer way than that!



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