This is a problem in the driver.  I believe it is fixed in current 
sources.  Can you download the latest development build from 
jdbc.postgresql.org and see if that works for you?


David Brownlee wrote:

>       (I'm not subscribed to the list, please cc directly in replies)
>       We have an application using the jdbc driver from postgres
>       7.0.x, compiled under java1. We have migrated the database
>       to 7.1.2, and would like to update the jdbc driver to match.
>       The application selects() a timestamp as a date, which
>       works fine under the earlier JDBC, and other databases such
>       as MS SQLserver, but fails with a NumberFormatException under
>       the new driver.
>       Can anyone confirm if this is correct JDBC behaviour (in which
>       case I have to persuade our developers to update their code :)
>       Sample code appended.
>       Thanks

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