At 12:13 AM 10/3/2001, Arsalan Zaidi wrote:
>At one point in my program, I was inserting a large number of rows
>(~600,000) using a prepared statement. Here are some things I noticed.
>1. It's very slow! :-)
>2. Initially, the cpu monitor shows a high level of cpu utilisation, but
>this slowly drops off with a blip every second or so. Basically, things slow
>down as the process chugs along.
>3. I eventually get a java.Lang.OutOfMemory exception after approx 1:00 -
>1:30 hrs.

This is a total guess, but is it possible that the PreparedStatement is 
gathering warnings on every execution? Try doing


inside the loop. I assume that setting parameter values replaces old values 
immediately, so there''s no real reason to do


each time as well, but it probably couldn't hurt. :)


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