Bruce Momjian writes:

> First, ecpg has actual thead creation function calls, so I believe we
> will still need a --with-threads configure option, at least to control
> ecpg, unless we make threading some kind of ecpg runtime flag.

This is not an issue because it only affects the libecpg library.

> So, if we move in the libpq_r direction, we will have some platforms
> that don't have libpq_r because they don't need it, and others that
> don't have it because they don't support threading or we don't know how
> to do threading in our configure tests.  This seems very confusing to
> me.

On a system with a separate libc_r, you *already* need special compiler
flags to link thread-safe applications.  So it is only consistent that
libpq applications also need special flags.  For example, a normal
application is linked so:

cc -o prog prog1.o prog2.o -lpq -lc

(well, you don't write the -lc) and a thread-safe application is linked

cc -o prog prog1.o prog2.o -lpq_r -lc_r

> I wonder if we should just keep the current setup for 7.4 and
> collect theading configure information, then revisit this for 7.5.

Well, when the packagers wrap up 7.4 they're going to need to make a call.
Either it's not going to be thread-safe, and the work was in vain, or it's
thread-safe and the concerns about the supposed performance hits are not

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