Sean Chittenden writes:

> Agreed, though one train of thought is that if someone did put a
> .pgpass file in place that isn't readable, it should be known that
> their efforts are being wasted in vein.

I tried making several dot-files I found in my home directory unreadable
(or unsearchable, in case of a directory): acrorc, antrc, bashrc, cvsrc,
fetchmailrc, inputrc, licq, mozilla, psqlrc, rpmmacros, Xmodmap, xemacs,
xmms.  Bash gave me warning, fetchmail gave me an error (which is
reasonable, because fetchmail doesn't work without configuration), and the
rest just ignored the file.

Open password and private key files might give different results, but as
far as unreadable files go, I say ignore them.

Peter Eisentraut   [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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