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Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 11, 2003 at 03:53:56PM -0400, Tom Lane wrote:
> > Seems reasonable, but I have a stylistic gripe:
> > 
> > > + static DeferredTriggers ts;
> > 
> > I dislike static variables with names as short as that --- they are too
> > likely to conflict against local variables.  (And before you say there's
> > no problem because a local declaration would mask it, what happens if
> > you forget the local declaration?)
> > 
> > I suspect you named it this way because you intend to pass it as a
> > parameter to all these routines later, and you're trying to avoid
> > one pass of editing when you add "DeferredTriggers ts"  to the parameter
> > lists.  I would suggest doing that now and including it in the patch.
> > Whether you are intending that or not, please use a better name for
> > the static variable.
> Actually, the function itself is going to obtain it via a
> TransactionGetDeferredTriggers() call so it's going to be a variable
> local to the function.  I'm not sure if it can be made a parameter,
> because I don't control the deferred trigger queue completely (e.g. on
> new item insertion the caller is something outside my control).
> Please comment on what do you think about the
> TransactionGetDeferredTrigger function mentioned earlier.  This is going
> to be in a struct that will be part of the TransactionState, and which
> will hold pointer to the deferred triggers queue, the smgr's pending
> deletes, the asynchronous notify queue and the OnCommit actions queue.
> Also there will be a MemoryContext for holding items on each of those
> lists.  This context will be destroyed on subtransaction abort but will
> be kept on subtransaction commit -- this allows for easy deallocation of
> said items on subtrans abort, while keeping them after the
> subtransaction commits.
> So I need a way for the affected subsystems to get their structures.
> This is it.  There'll also be a TransactionGetParentPendingDeletes so I
> can concatenate the list of the committing subtransaction to its
> parent's list.  (This will be done using your new cool FastLists, BTW).
> Regarding the current patch, I have changed the variable name to
> something better.  Please apply.
> Thanks for the quick reviewing.
> -- 
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