Tom Lane wrote:
Joe Conway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Here is a patch to expand pg_settings. I included more than discussed because it was easy and I thought it might be useful. Let me know if you want some of them removed.

Much of what you've included is part of the internal implementation of GUC, and I think it's unwise to expose it; any future changes in GUC
might break the view (or more accurately break apps that are expecting
the view to look a particular way).

I agree with adding context, vartype, min_val, and max_val.  Not sure
about boot_val or reset_val.  The RH guys do want to expose boot_val
in their tool, since it's concerned with helping people set up
postgresql.conf, but is it really useful for clients to see it?
reset_val might be okay to expose ... not sure if we'd ever want to
remove that concept from the implementation.

I thought you might say that. What about this list:


ISTM that "source" is worth knowing.

name             | DateStyle
setting          | ISO with US (NonEuropean) conventions

This reminds me, someone (Barry?) was griping that SHOW DATESTYLE doesn't produce a value that SET DATESTYLE will take. Did we agree that it was OK to change the output to look like "ISO, US" etc?

I vaguely remember the thread:

I don't see any followup (agreements or disagreements). Do you want me to change that while I'm at it?


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