Joe Conway wrote:
Tom Lane wrote:
(It might be time to change the  cache lookup into a hashtable instead of
a simple linear list search...)

I could do that if you want, but do you really think it's worth it? How long does a linked list have to get before a hash table starts to be a win (this is something I've always wondered about anyway)?

I was about to start looking at the hash table implementation and have a question. Do you think it would be better to do

1) a hash lookup by function oid to a linked list of different compiled versions (for each set of argument/return types)
2) create hash key using a new structure that includes function oid, return type, and argument types, and use that for direct lookup.

#1 looks easier, and given the waning hours might be more likely to get finished. #2 is probably preferable, but a bit more work.




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