Tom Lane wrote:
In the second case (where you know actual argument type at a different
position) you must know whether the other position's declared type is
anyarray or anyelement, and you can't assume it's the same as the one at
the position you want to resolve.

I still don't understand why that's needed (but perhaps it's related to your comment below).

It can also incorrectly replace an arraytype by its element type
("ANYELEMENT" doesn't require the actual type to not be an array

Are you referring to ANYELEMENT actually being an array at runtime? That's the first time I've heard that concept. 'Til now, I've been working with the assumption that arrays and elements were distinct, and one can imply the other.

--- unless
"ANYARRAY" is also used in the same declaration, and even then
it's only going to fail because we don't support arrays of arrays).

But this is the least of our problems when/if we support arrays of arrays. The notion of element types being distinct from array types goes pretty deep currently.

In any case, can you suggest concrete changes I can work on between now and tonight? Or can this go in before the freeze as-is and get adjusted afterwards?


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