Follow-up to a question from Bruce on the phone, re: the open server patch
2nd to follow.

Kean has graciously agreed to answer questions if y'all need them answered.


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Larry Rosenman wrote:
I got a question from the PG Core Team (Bruce Momjian) about the
rpathdir portion of
your patch.

Why can't it use libdir?  Or can we wrap it in .if (port,=,sco) type

There's concern that we'll break other platforms.

Since OSR5 was the only platform that defines it, not much chance of breaking anything, and other platform may find it useful when people finally understand all of the security implications about using DT_RUNPATH in ELF. I *ALWAYS* hard-code the full path so that libraries cannot be subverted by a user by setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH.


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