More on the shared lib stuff.

I'd LIKE to get a discussion of this (after just talking to Bruce on the phone).

If I need to repost Kean's comments to -HACKERS, let me know.


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Larry Rosenman wrote:
BTW, you mentioned gAPI, what's the un-TLA'ing of that, and a WWW ref?
gABI - General Application Binary Interface.

Oh and this isnt a SCO-only thing, most UNIXes conform to it to varying

Is the stuff you brought up the reason I always have to futz with
LD_LIBRARY_PATH for the on UnixWare7?
Almost certainly. I havent looked at the UnixWare compile, but it too can
be fixed by using -h with a full pathname, or at least using -R correctly,
which is a workable but less preferable solution.


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