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Larry Rosenman writes:

I disagree STRONGLY with what you are saying here.  What harm does it do
to add the ABILITY for a port to use a ABSOLUTE DT_SONAME?

We can discuss adding the ability, but I'm against enforcing it by default.

I belive that the issue is not broken systems, but broken practice.

No, the issue is precisely that someone is proposing to break reasonable, useful practice to accomodate broken systems. No one is claiming that absolute sonames make the system more featureful or useful. In fact, it was admitted that it would have the reverse effect. The only argument for absolute sonames that was brought forth was that some older systems have security holes that can be worked around in this manner.
For an example of ADDING to the usefulness, UnixWare has no ld.so.conf, or ldconfig equivalent. For ALL my PostgreSQL apps, I either need to specify -R/usr/local/pgsql/lib
on the EXECUTABLE build, or make sure there is a GLOBAL LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment
variable set.

The absolute DT_SONAME will fix that issue on THIS platform, which is why the ABILITY
of an INDIVIDUAL port to set an absolute DT_SONAME would be useful.


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