Patch applied.  Thanks.


Christoph Dalitz wrote:
> Hello Bruce,
> here are the patches for psql on Win32:
>   psql4win32.patch  - changes in the psql source code
>   psql-ref.patch    - changes in the documentation psql-ref.sgml
>                       (for new builtin variable WIN32_CONSOLE)
> To apply them use "patch -p 1" in the root directory of the
> postgres source directory.
> If you are not the right adressee for these patches, please let me
> know whom I can send them instead.
> These patches fix the following problems of psql on Win32
> (all changes only have effect #ifdef WIN32):
>   a) Problem:  Static library libpq.a did not work
>      Solution: Added WSAStartup() in fe-connect.c
>   b) Problem:  Secret Password was echoed by psql
>      Solution: Password echoing disabled in sprompt.c
>   c) Problem:  8bit characters were displayed/interpreted wrong in psql
>                This is due to the fact that the Win32 "console" uses a
>                different encoding than the rest of the Windows system
>      Solution: Introduced a new psql variable WIN32_CONSOLE
>                When set with "\set WIN32_console", the function OemToChar()
>                is applied after reading input and CharToOem() before
>                displaying Output
> Christoph Dalitz
> PS: How was your talk at LinuxTag?
>     Was there strong interest in PostgreSQL?

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