Apologies if I missed anything, but I thought I fixed any callers of
PQmakeEmptyPQresult that weren't already checking (parseInput and
getRowDescriptions were the only ones).

I of course can't fix any applications I don't have the source for, but
if I missed something in libpq, I'd be more than happy to go back and
try to fix it.

On Thu, 2003-07-31 at 07:05, Tom Lane wrote:
> Dave Allen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Attached is a patch (against 7.3.4) to check the return values of some
> > calls (malloc, realloc, etc.) for failed memory allocations in libpq.
> You sure you aren't just trading one misbehavior for another?  The
> change in PQmakeEmptyPGresult, for example, just moves the core dump
> somewhere else, unless you find reasonable fallbacks for *all* its
> callers (including applications you don't have the source code for,
> but in any case including every one of the calls in libpq).
>                       regards, tom lane
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