> > > Since we are in beta, it should be relatively safe to do ... if
> > > I were to scheduale 'shutting down and re-merging' the various
> > > modules back into one big one again for 11pm tonight, would
> > > everyone be okay with that?  It would mean that all checkin's
> > > have to be done before then, and you will have to re-checkout
> > > CVS once finished, as your existing CVS will not be valid
> > > anymore ...
> >
> > I'm not sure it's worth that.  Can't you simply add that directory
> > back into the pgsql-server module, leave pgsql as a module that
> > contains only pgsql-server, and thus not break anyone's checkout?
> I can stick with the pgsql-server module, but it will still break
> things for you, AFAIK ... CVS saves 'path information' in CVS, no?
> So the modules stuff would be 'broken' until you did a new check out
> ...
> I'm not 100% certain of this, so if anyone knows CVS better, please
> feel free to correct .. :?)

The best course of action would be to do:

mv earthdistance pgsql-server/contrib
ln -s pgsql-server/contrib/earthdistance .
cd ~/open_source/postgresql/CVSROOT
patch -p0 < ~/earthdistance.patch  # edits modules
cvs ci modules
[Send a HEADSUP to -hackers]

[Add a TODO entry for pgsql admins to remove the symlink after pgsql
hits 8.0 or some sufficiently long, but not overly long period of

cvs up's, cvs co's with old scripts, and new cvs exports/co's will
work as expected.


PS After 7.4, could someone go through the motions to change $Id$ to

Sean Chittenden

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