It's highly unsatisfactory, but it's a fact nonetheless. The stock kernel simply checks for a non-zero value in this variable and says "OK, give them the memory" if it finds it. So if you are using such a kernel, then setting the non-zero value turns off all checking, rather than using the default heuristic check. That's why advising people to use a value of, say, 3, is so dangerous. Go and read the source if you don't believe me.

Actually, I've had some success with both vendors and experts. Far more than I have with vendors of proprietary software. But YMMV. The point, though, is that this is not our problem, as I see it.


Peter Eisentraut wrote:

Andrew Dunstan writes:

+ <para>
+ Warning: using these settings in a kernel which does not support
+ these modes will almost certainly increase the danger of the
+ kernel killing the postmaster, rather than reducing it.
+ If in any doubt, consult a kernel expert or your kernel vendor.
+ </para>

If find this a bit unsatisfactory. If the kernel does not support these modes, then "using" them should have no effect. At least, since the kernel doesn't know what they mean, the danger of a postmaster kill cannot increase.

Oh, and have you ever tried to contact a kernel expert or kernel vendor?

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