I found some trouble in installing PostgreSQL 7.4beta2 on Mac OS X
10.2.6. Specifically, on that operating system, the new script
calculates shared-buffers at 400 and max-connections at 20. The problem
is that once you get to the point in the script where template1 is being
created, the calls to "postgres -boot ..." appear to still assume a
"best case" scenario of 1000 and 100, respectively, a situation that
repeats itself throughout the rest of the script. This causes a failure
of initdb on platforms where 1000 and 100 exceed the OS' capability.

I therefore applied the following change, which allowed initdb to work
without problem. I am not sure that this is in the appropriate format. If not, my apologies.

[share]$ diff ~/src/postgresql-7.4beta2/src/bin/initdb /opt/pgsql/bin/initdb
PGSQL_OPT="$PGSQL_OPT -c shared-buffers=$nbuffers -c

- Will

Database Administrator, vilaj.com, LLC

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