Le Dimanche 24 Août 2003 08:42, Peter Eisentraut a écrit :
> Guillaume LELARGE writes:
> > Two updated po files. I hope this time they will be 100%... I felt guilty
> > for the 99% last days :)
> Installed.
> Please configure your KBabel so that it does not mess up the header
> section of the file next time.

I've searched in the CVS what kind of mess you've seen but I wasn't able to 
understand it. Can you say a bit more about it?

You'll find a better pgsql-fr.po attached. It has been read (and fixed) by 
François Suter). I hope it won't be messed up again. If it is, please tell me 
what's wrong with it.


Guillaume <!-- http://absfr.tuxfamily.org/ -->.

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