Hi Bruce,

+/* getpwuid doesn't exist under win32 */
+#define getpwuid(uid) NULL
#endif /* pg_config_h_win32__ */

Why was this needed? I realize we don't have getpwuid() on Win32, but we do have GetUserName() for cases where we need the name but not the directory.

Because all the getpwuid() calls seem ifdef'ed out under Win32 anyway, I
don't understand why you needed it.

I believe it was the first thing I did to have libpq compile at all. Later, I went into the ssl code and made it work, effectively commenting out all calls to getpwuid() making that line unnecessary.

Can't we check the OS version via the compiler? Maybe not portabily
between the various compilers supported.

If you're talking about the WIN32 macro, this should be supported by every compiler running for win32, because windows headers rely on this.


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