Tom Lane wrote:

I thought this was still really messy, so I modified it to use a
separate "promote v4 address to v6" subroutine.  I've applied the
attached patch (plus docs).  It's not very well tested since I don't
have an IPv6 setup here; please check that it does what you want.

It SEGVs. Reason is that the memcpy of the promote_v4_to_v6_XXX functions assumes that the sockaddr_storage is large enough to hold an IPV6 address, which appears to be not true. Since the struct isn't created by a plain malloc() and returned by free(), but assembled by getaddrinfo() according to the family's requirement, I don't see a way how to fix this. IMHO the struct needs to be created officially by getaddrinfo(), which will lead more or less the the same solution I posted previously.


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