Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> Bruce Momjian writes:
> > OK, turns out the '\h alter' code does a simple printf(), not a
> > PageOutput() and fprintf() to that pipe.  Various \h outputs are long,
> > including CREATE TABLE, GRANT, and ALTER TABLE.  ALTER itself is really
> > larger because it prints all the ALTER commands help.
> They are long, but not not longer than a few pages, in which case it's
> more convenient to use your terminals scrolling functionality.  It's a
> different story when query output is thousands of lines long, in which
> case you usually cannot scroll anymore.

Yes, but our table output already pages if it exceeds the screen size,
so it seems we should be consistent, and if someone is on the console,
they might not have scroll-back, and are left with ^S, ^Q.  :-)

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