On Thu, 11 Sep 2003 23:17:13 -0400 (EDT), Bruce Momjian
>> The stats collector is on by default (of course, that doesn't apply to
>> "make installcheck"...)

By doing "appropriate" changes to your installation I guess you can
break almost every test ;-)

>Oh I see now, nice. I didn't realize you could turn it on per backend.

stats_start_collector and stats_reset_on_server_start "cannot be
changed after server start".

stats_command_string, stats_block_level, and stats_row_level can be
set per backend.

The test starts with
+SHOW stats_start_collector;  -- must be on
+ stats_start_collector
+ on
+(1 row)
so that, if the test fails, you can look at the diff and have a chance
to tell whether the stats collector is not activated or not working

BTW, the test succeeds on 7.3.4, but the patch won't apply cleanly.
If anybody is interested, the patch for 7.3.4 can be fetched from
http://www.pivot.at/pg/25-TestStats_734.diff .


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