I tried to use vacuumlo of posgres-7.3.4/contrib/vacuumlo and it didn't work
for me until I added one line:

strcat(buf, " AND c.relname <> 'vacuum_l'");

after     strcat(buf, "SELECT c.relname, a.attname ");
  strcat(buf, "FROM pg_class c, pg_attribute a, pg_type t ");
  strcat(buf, "WHERE a.attnum > 0 ");
  strcat(buf, "      AND a.attrelid = c.oid ");
  strcat(buf, "      AND a.atttypid = t.oid ");
  strcat(buf, "      AND t.typname in ('oid', 'lo') ");
  strcat(buf, "      AND c.relkind = 'r'");

Is it a bug or I'm missing something?

Thank you,

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