Trond Endrestøl writes:

> Attached you'll find a gzipped tar file containing nb.po files and
> diff files for the files.

I've installed these files in the 7.4 branch and fixed them up a bit for
the random wording changes that we made in 7.4.  There's still a bit of
work left for you, which you should see shortly at

If we make another release from the 7.3 branch, I'll install them there as

Btw., I noticed that you left the translation blank in several cases where
the translated string would have matched the original.  While that is
noble in intent, I don't think it's particularly effective.  First, you'd
never be able to reach the 100% mark in the statistics, and second, this
will actually make gettext() run longer, because it will have to search
the whole file for a string that doesn't exist.

Peter Eisentraut   [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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