Hello Peter,

Attached please find updated translations of the items
in the subject. psql is not fully translated yet, but
I submit whatever I have and will update the rest as
time permits.

$ msgfmt -c -v psql-ru.po
341 translated messages, 112 untranslated messages.

$ msgfmt -c -v pg_dump-ru.po
391 translated messages.

$ msgfmt -c -v libpq-ru.po
100 translated messages.

Thank you,


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From: "Peter Eisentraut" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: October 05, 2003 8:49 AM
Subject: Translators wanted for PostgreSQL

> If you want to see the upcoming release PostgreSQL 7.4 speak your favorite
> language, you are invited to contribute to the translation of the message
> strings in PostgreSQL.  After the latest beta release of PostgreSQL (7.4
> beta 4), a string freeze has been called, which means that the developers
> will from now on try to avoid changing any message strings so that
> translators can go about their work without interference.
> If you are interested in contributing, see the instructions at
> <http://developer.postgresql.org/~petere/nls.php> for further information.
> For those languages and translators that have already done a significant
> amount of work, this is a call to start fixing up the remaining missing
> pieces in time for the 7.4 release.
> For those languages that still need a significant amount of work, do not
> worry about the 7.4 release date.  There will always be a 7.4.1 release.
> -- 
> Peter Eisentraut   [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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