> Probably pretty long.  I think the pg_stat_activity case really needs
> the "\n" because if not the query breaks the table output format.  Not

I was actually thinking exactly the opposite. pg_stat_activity viewed in
pgadmin GUI is going to format the table perfectly fine, but with
everthing on one line it will be next to impossible to understand
anything complex.

I would imagine psql will also be easier to read using human placed \n's
rather than random ones at the terminal width.

Perhaps the environment I work in isn't the normal case, but usually if
I'm trying to track something down, it's the complex 10 table join,
multi-subselect report style query that someone in account management
just happens to be running but poorly formed.

> It is hard to understand how a tool would grab the query from the above
> log except to look for another TAG: entry and stop there.

Yup.. Same way you group entries by PID, then reset the PID the next
time you see a new connection formed with it.

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