Subject: PostgreSQL Patch: Test-and-set routine for HP-UX (IA-64)


The attached patch provides a test-and-set routine for PostgreSQL for HP-UX
11iV2  for the Intel Itanium architecture  (known to the PostgreSQL code as
IA-64).  There are actually two issues:

1. There is currently no tas (test-and-set) routine for HP-UX IA-64  in the
s_lock.h header file.
2. In HP-UX IA-64, the suffix of shared libraries is ".so", but PostgreSQL
generates a ".sl" suffix.

The attached patch fixes both issues.  The bug template (also attached)
contains the details.

We (ViSolve) are a group that works closely with HP on their OpenSource
initiative.  We would really appreciate a timely inclusion of this patch
into mainstream PostgreSQL.

ViSolve OpenSource Team (for HP)

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