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Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Consider also the strong likelihood that the data directory's parent
directory is owned by root,

Again, this directory recreate happens only on Win32, an I thought it
would be OK there.

Windows has no concept of directory permissions at all? I thought the more recent versions had at least rudimentary permissions.

More than rudimentary on the server versions.

I found this info at :

Windows ACLs

Windows NT and Windows 2000 uses Access Control Lists or ACLs to determine what operations a user may perform on a file. Windows ACLs allow one to set permissions with finer control that does the Unix file mode. For example, one can all[ow] a user to append data to a file as opposed to overwiting the file. ACLs also allow one to permit specific users to change the permissions on a file. Perhaps the biggest difference is that ACLs allow us to accord permissions on a user-by-user basis, rather than the three categories of users permitted by Unix file systems.

This info applies to directories as well as plain files AFAIK



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