New options file for CVSROOT.

Depending on the version of CVS (FreeBSD's CVS to be more specific) is
on the server you may need to manually place this file into the CVSROOT
directory beside the committed options,v file. The reason for this is
that someone missed adding the command to have this file copied on

      * cvs co CVSROOT 
      * cp options CVSROOT 
      * cvs add options 
      * cvs commit options 
      * (and possibly) cp options /repo/CVSROOT

The functionality may be tested by adding a $PostgreSQL$ header to one
file. $Id$ and $Header$ have not been disabled. That should wait until
everyone is comfortable with the change.

The below command may be used to convert most $Id$ and $Header$ tags to
$PostgreSQL$ on a checked out copy. Commit as usual.

find . \( -name *.[ch] -or -name Makefile \) \
-type f \
\! -path '*CVS*' \
-exec sed -e 's/$(?:Id|Header)[^$]*$/$PostgreSQL$/' -i.bak {} \;

In src/backend/utils/adt/inet_net_ntop.c and
src/backend/utils/adt/inet_net_pton.c it would appear that the $Id$ tag
is assigned to a variable (rcsid). It doesn't break anything on my
system to change it to $PostgreSQL$.

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