Tom Lane wrote:

Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I think this is the patch I like.

The #if coding is messy and unnecessary. You could do the test as per
the non-POSIX variant using two calls of pqsignal(), and not have any
system dependence here, nor a need for <signal.h>.

What about multithreaded apps?

 old = pgsignal(SIPEPIPE, SIG_IGN);
 ** another thread calls sigaction(SIGPIPE,,);
 pgsignal(SIGPIPE, old);

And the signal state is corrupted. What about extending pgsignal:
   pgsignal(signo, SIG_ERR);
reads the current signal handler. I'll update my patch.

From your other mail:

No, because this patch does not have any global effect on the signal
handling. It might be unnecessary to check per-connection, but it
doesn't hurt, and on grounds of cleanliness I'd prefer to avoid a global

I agree - global state would require global synchronization.


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