No objections from interfaces, can this be applied?

Regards, Philip.

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Subject: quick ECPG doco change
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 11:00:34 +1100
From: Philip Yarra <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Hi, this doco patch is a quick one to add explicit mention of the need for
 the AT clause in threaded ECPG applications. Does this sound okay?

Bruce, yes, I do intend to contribute more than this, but at least this will
stop some confusion in the meantime.

Regards, Philip Yarra.

Index: ecpg.sgml
RCS file: /projects/cvsroot/pgsql-server/doc/src/sgml/ecpg.sgml,v
retrieving revision 1.54
diff -c -r1.54 ecpg.sgml
*** ecpg.sgml   12 Nov 2003 22:47:47 -0000      1.54
--- ecpg.sgml   18 Nov 2003 23:20:51 -0000
*** 353,358 ****
--- 353,365 ----
     This option is particularly suitable if the application needs to
     use several connections in mixed order.
+       </para>
+       <para>
+       If your application uses multiple threads of execution, they cannot
share a
+       connection concurrently. You must either explicitly control access to
the connection
+       (using mutexes) or use a connection for each thread. If each thread
uses its own connection,
+       you will need to use the AT clause to specify which connection the
thread will use.




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