Tom Lane wrote:
Looks right to me; but as a general tip, if you've made mistake X in
place A, you might have made it in place B too.  Have you checked the
rest of dblink for forgotten SPI_finish calls?

Good tip -- will do. Though, I suspect the dblink_build_sql_* functions have been much more lightly used than the rest of dblink, and that's the only reason this bug has lurked for so long.

(More generally, I wonder if AtEOXact_SPI oughtn't be fixed to emit
a WARNING if the SPI stack isn't empty, except in the error case.
Neglecting SPI_finish is analogous to a resource leak, and we have
code in place to warn about other sorts of leaks.)

I'll take a look at this too.

Sure.  I believe we still intend a 7.3.5 shortly (maybe early December,
since Thanksgiving week is a bad time to expect anything to happen).

OK -- then I'll plan to apply the final fix to REL7_3_STABLE as well.



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