Tom Lane writes:

> Robert Treat <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > !     SELECT INTO users_rec * FROM users WHERE user_id=3;
> > --- 986,993 ----
> > !     SELECT * FROM users WHERE user_id=3 INTO users_rec;
> Why do you want to change the example to disagree with the advice given
> just above?
> : At present, the INTO clause can appear almost anywhere in the SELECT
> : statement, but it is recommended to place it immediately after the
> : SELECT key word as depicted above. Future versions of PL/pgSQL may be
> : less forgiving about placement of the INTO clause.

Well, that position is a strange choice.  The standard syntax of SELECT
INTO in embedded SQL is

SELECT a, b, c INTO :x, :y, :z FROM ...

This should probably be consistent.

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